All about Vuvuzela Off

Vuvuzela Off filters the football horn sound!



Vuvuzelas, or football horns, express the enthusiasm of fans in the soccer world cup. Sometimes however, particularly when you're watching a game on TV, the sound of the Vuvuzela can make it difficult to understand the commentator or follow the game.


Vuvuzela Off comes to the rescue! This handy app uses real-time audio processing to filter most of the Vuvuzela sound.


Just connect a pair of headphones (preferrably closed headphones) to your iPhone or iPad, point the built-in microphone toward the TV set, start Vuvuzela Off and enable filtering.


Your device will "listen" to the sound coming from the TV, filter out the football horn sound, and output the filtered sound to the headset.


You can adjust gain and frequency of the filter to suit your taste.


Vuvuzela Off can be tested for 60 seconds at a time - if you like it, unlock the full version with an easy in-app purchase!


Vuvuzela Off iPhone screenshot