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Released Version 1.8 in December 2010:

- Fixed a bug where in rare cases the game would not proceed to the next level, even if all colored bricks were eliminated. Many thanks to Flickoids players who helped diagnose this tricky bug.
- Minor optimizations for iOS 4.2


Highlights of Version 1.7:


Released Version 1.5 on June 2nd --- lots of cool new features, and also available for iPhone!

Highlights of Version 1.5:



Released Version 1.0 on April 1st 2010 - this is no april fools' joke! --- and Version 1.5 is just around the corner coming in June 2010!

Our coolest game is now released - first on the iPad, and coming soon to the iPhone too.

We're very proud to be part of the grand opening of the iPad App Store - the iPad is a quantum leap for the world of mobile gaming and we're excited to be part of this historic event.

If you're lucky enough to hold an iPad in you hands as you're reading this, be sure to check out Flickoids on your newest and coolest gadget!

All about

Flickoids is a fast-paced, action-packed one or two player challenge - now for iPad and iPhone too!



Test your coordination and speed against your opponent or against the clock by flicking balls at colored bricks - with many challenging, animated game levels, lots of bonus bricks and powerups!


Take care when aiming - some bricks also reduce your score or your time credit.


Playing the game alone is a blast, but challenging a friend is way more exciting!


Dual player action shot (iPhone)



Single player action shot (iPhone)


Real action photo (iPad)